This is the dog passport of Troy




If you've come to this page, you've probably scanned my dog passport.

I'm Troy, a sweet and cuddly husky mix.

In case I am on my own, I will be very happy if you contact one of the contacts listed below, so that I can quickly get back to my owner, because I am sure he misses me very much and I am missing him very much.

A huge thank you to you



Name: Troy
Breed: Husky mix
Hair coat: white-beige
Gender: Male dog (neutered)
Birthday: June 14th, 2013


Michael Brucker +49 (0) 151 21 05 83 00
Girlfriend of the owner:  
Sabrina Lange +49 (0) 172 74 58 83 8
Sister of the owner:  
Daniela Souperfin +49 (0) 176 66 82 80 80
Mother of the owner:  
Heidi Brucker +49 (0) 160 33 73 29 7